Relieving stress to increase productiveness at home

By Thomas Dang on Oct. 21, 2018, 11:38 p.m.

As someone who codes a lot in my house, I find that there are times where internal stress can creep up in that type of environment. It is not the kind of stress where you are in a work environment communicating with other people. Rather it is the kind of stress where you are doing activities like completing homework assignments, working a remote job, or pursuing your own endeavors through personal projects. In those environments no one is looking at you, so sometimes it can be challenging to put yourself in the right mindset to get work done. Since today is my 25th birthday, I wanted to take a step back and reflect on two simple methods that I have been using to help me maintain my productiveness.

Sources of stress

Working at home can have some downfalls. If you are sitting on your office chair all day, then you might already be developing serious back problems if you have a bad chair. I own a $300-dollar office chair and I find it more uncomfortable than normal steel chairs nowadays. I have had days where I sat on my office chair at least 6 hours and the cushions start to develop a repetitive muscle memory that makes me feel uncomfortable. For me that is my main issue working at home, but it can be different for everyone. Regardless of where the stress comes from, my solution is to simply get out of the house on an occasional basis.

Getting out of the house

Public libraries are great places to concentrate on your work. If your library has big whiteboards, I highly encourage you to use them. Here is a picture of my typical work set up when I am at my library.


I find whiteboards to be good tools to express ideas on the fly. The seamless nature of writing with marker ink can help keep your physical energy engaged with your thoughts. I do however find that if I start out my day with a lazy mindset, then the quiet nature of libraries can sometimes augment my laziness. I might occasionally go to coffee shops in those days where there are a lot of people to help energize my thoughts. Obviously getting out of the house is going to be different for everyone, so go ahead and experiment with your local area.


Another way to help energize your thoughts is to simply exercise. In my case I walk dogs at my local animal shelter. Here are some pictures I took today while walking some dogs.


I view this activity as a mutual benefit for me and the dog because we both get to exercise for the improvement of our health. I find that my mind can learn faster once I finish walking those dogs and that makes getting back to work much easier for me. Overall there are plenty of ways to exercise so try out whatever works for you.


So those are some methods that I use to help relieve my stress. It may sound like obvious and simple methods, but people can sometimes get engrossed in their work and neglect going outside. I believe experiencing the outside world is important because it helps your mind see things from angles you would not normally expect. If you stay hunched up in your house all day, then your ability to learn new ideas could slow down.

That is all I have for today. I will now leave you with another picture I took today along with a song that I have been listening to for my birthday. Thank you for reading.

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