Thomas Dang was born in 1993 in Dallas TX and is now a recent college graduate of Spring 2018 from The University of Texas at Dallas. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

In his leisure time Thomas is an avid listener to music. During middle school he played the Baritone in a band and participated in the 2006 Sandy Lake competition at Dallas. Nowadays he plays the bass guitar in his free time for fun. He finds joy listening to music in the rock and folk genre.

Thomas also enjoyed sports growing up and primarily played basketball as a kid. In 2007-08 he transitioned into playing for the football teams at Webb Middle School and Naaman Forest High School. Currently he enjoys following the NBA.

Thomas believes in doing volunteer work whenever possible. Between 2010 and 2012 he helped build two 1300 square-foot houses for the Habitat for Humanity program. Then in December 2015 Thomas spent a week working with Operation Blessing as a Disaster Relief volunteer after a F4 Tornado struck Rowlett TX. Nowadays he has been volunteering at the Richardson Animal Shelter where he helps walk dogs.

Professionally Thomas has a great passion towards full stack development. He enjoys researching new technologies and building web-based applications. On August 2018 he built and deployed his portfolio blog website using Django. He currently maintains this website and occasionally publishes blog posts on programming concepts.